Twice the Joy With Baby Shower Invitations for Twins

There are few among us that get blessed with twins. The chance to raise twins is one of the most unexpected and rewarding moments in a young mother’s life. Not only do you have the opportunity to expand your family with two little bundles of joy you have been given the chance to celebrate a unique baby shower. When you look for baby shower invitations that fit a specific style of party you will find that there are a lot of different options. Not so when it comes to baby showers for twins. Well, not until now that is. Of course there are ways to style the different designs that aren’t intended twins so that they work but now you don’t have to.

This site was started with the idea that: “wouldn’t it be nice to have real baby shower invitations for twins?” The desire to offer a wide assortment of high-quality, full-featured invitations that provide you with the opportunity to feature the tone of the baby shower you will be hosting, twins, has been the focus of this site from the beginning.

And that desire to look at the entire baby shower scene that, in most cases does not focus on twins, has proven to be a decision that is a popular one. Given that only a small percent of births every year are twins or multi-births the main shops tend to ignore them, only offer a small sample of cards for you to choose from. Twin Baby Shower Invitations gives you plenty of great choices with a number of different options for all of the different possible combinations.

Are you searching for baby shower invitations for girl twins? How about boy twins, or for the rare boy and girl twins. Each of these options has many different options for you to choose from. But we also have a number of different choices that allow you to pick even the most popular options such as glitter. You also have the possibility to choose your card shape and paper type to shape the cards how you see fit.

While there are plenty of options that give you similar features, when it comes to choosing your twins invitations few will compare to the designs that you will find here. A baby shower offers many great chances for you to choose a style that fits with the guest of honor’s personality. And that is the job of any good invitation. However, where other baby showers will focus on a specific topic. When it comes to a shower for twins at least part of the focus is rightly placed on the, well, twins aspect of the pregnancy. Because as you have just read roughly one in hundred pregnancies will produce twins*.

With something this rare you need to be given the chance to celebrate.

Boy Twins

Oh, boy! Twin boys! There are plenty of reasons why you would want to host a special baby shower in celebration for twin boys and now you have the chance to choose the perfect invitations. Choose from a number of different styles that have been specifically designed for twin boys. Or choose a nautical invitation for the baby shower. Though for those special occasions where you want to welcome the little princes into the world you will of course find fitting designs for that as well.

Girl Twins

Are there two little bundles of joy on the way?

Hosting a baby shower for twin girls has never been easier. And now you have all of the tools you will need to create the perfect invitation for this once in a lifetime chance. This is just a small sample of a lovely collection of invitations for you to choose from. If you have the privilege to host a baby shower for twin girls you will find the invitations for your celebration here.

Are you looking for a way to add a little more sparkle to the baby shower? We also offer glitter baby shower invitations that are just perfect for twin girls!

There are also a number of designs that exclusively feature twin princesses, for times when you want to add the royal touch. An absolutely cute idea for the twin girl baby shower are the adorable quilts and decorations you can find on etsy styled just for little girls.

Boy & Girl Twins

Oh boy, oh joy! A baby boy and a baby girl are on their way! And now you can give your guests the invitations that reflects that with these lovely designs.

The cute and cheerful nature of the invitations offers you great chance to share the joy with the people that will be attending the special event. And as the hostess you are given a nice opportunity to style the invitations to fit the unique theme.

Ethnic Twins

The sets that you have just viewed offer a number of different invitations based on the genders of the children. While the gender of the child plays a certain part in the baby shower, especially when it comes to gifts, there is another fact that the shower hostess will want to take into account. The sets that you have been browsing contain all of the different ethnicity. But for non-Hispanic white and non-Hispanic black women it can be especially challenging when it comes to finding the right invitations. Well it was at least.

As you can see from the selection on the site there are plenty of ways for you to take the baby shower. And even though twinning is relatively rare the invitations for a twins baby shower don’t have to be.

* This figure is from the CDC, and is taken from sample data from 1980-2009.